BTS Left Messages For ARMY At The MAP OF THE SOUL Pop-Up Store

They wrote messages during a surprise visit.

When BTS visited the MAP OF THE SOUL pop-up store, they left sweet messages behind for ARMY.

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Each member wrote on a menu at the “Dynamite” display using different colored markers.

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In dark green V wrote, “Kim Taehyung was here” in the upper left corner, drew a smiley face in the upper right corner, and wrote a second message near the bottom. It says, “I miss ARMY~ have a nice day, I was here.”  

Jimin wrote his messages in dark blue. “Park Jimin was also here,” he wrote under V’s first message. He wrote another message on behalf of himself and Jungkook; “Jungkookie is saying that he’s thinking of you. I miss ARMY too. I love you. I mean it.” 

“Everyone, I miss you all a lot,” RM wrote in light blue marker. He signed it, “cutie Namjoonie.” In dark blue, Jimin added “Are you kidding? -JM- “ to RM’s message, and RM wrote back, “for real.” Jin added a pink “??” to their conversation.

He also wrote, “Everyone, make [your] memories here and go.” He signed it, “- cosmically handsome Seokjinnie-“. “Still?” Jimin added to that part. 

In bright green, J-Hope wrote, “Hobi came here, I miss you so much, ARMY. I hope you have fun here.”

Suga (orange) wrote, “Min Suga was here. I miss you all. Suga.” 

At the bottom of the menu, Jungkook (light orange) wrote, “ARMY! I want to see you so much that I came here to visit. Until the day we meet, don’t get sick and stay healthy! Bye~” 

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