BTS’s Vocal Line Proves They Have What It Takes To Be The New “Rap Line” At 2021 MUSTER “Sowoozoo”

Nobody was ready! 🔥

BTS‘s vocal line members are full of never-ending talent and their most recent display of skills is taking ARMYs by surprise!

During 2021 MUSTER “Sowoozoo,” the group performed an OT7 version of Agust D’s “Daechwita.” However, not a single ARMY could have guessed that Jimin would open the song with his rap skills!

The puppy-kitty turned up the heat as he showcased his unique rap style…

…but soon after, Jin and Jungkook showed skills of their own!

After a remake of the duo’s comedic cameo in the “Daechwita” music video…

V showed off his own rap with a deep, aggressive voice — and completed the scene with a fake beard.

It seems the vocal line members have been hiding their rap skills for quite some time, and fans loved every moment of the epic performance!