BTS Names Their Most Challenging Songs To Perform On Stage

Jungkook was hilariously set on his answer.

BTS is well known for having complicated choreography that the group seems to pull off easily. 

Fans know that for BTS to give such an outstanding performance, it’s a mixture of the members’ natural talent and years of hard work.

With a career spanning nine years, you might think BTS would have difficulty choosing which choreography was the most difficult to perform on stage. However, they pretty quickly narrowed it down during an interview with Spotify.

Spotify honored the worldwide idol group for their ninth anniversary and the release of their anthology album, PROOF. Spotify created #SpotifyPurpleU, a special microsite where fans could immerse themselves in all things BTS.

For years, BTS has transcended regional boundaries, languages, and cultures to touch the hearts of people everywhere. In celebration of the band’s decade-long history and their fans’ unyielding dedication, #SpotifyPurpleU features exclusive band content, messages from the members, and a countdown to the highly anticipated album release.

— Spotify

In exclusive interviews, the members reflected on the group’s history and answered questions about their experience so far.

BTS with their “Best New Artist” award at the Melon Music Awards in 2013 | Pinterest

When asked about their most difficult choreography, “ON” was quickly shouted out by V, and supported by Jungkook and J-Hope.

Jungkook added that it was the most challenging track to perform if they performed the dance break version. It’s easy to understand why if you’ve seen the dance break version, the members go all out in a high-energy dance with fast footwork three minutes into an already intense performance.

The group’s second choice was “IDOL.” Jin clarified, “‘Idol’ with full choreography.” Jungkook hilariously interjected to say he disagreed and still believed “ON” was the most difficult.

BTS’s V named the third song they believe is the most difficult to perform, and it was “Fake Love.” V had a very reasonable explanation why.

Performing ‘ON’ gives us energy, but for ‘Fake Love’, we have to pour out our energy.

— BTS’s V

Suga chimed in at the end with a simple, “All the lead singles are hard.

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Source: Spotify