BTS Are Visual Kings In New Behind The Scenes Photos For “BE” 

Here are 20+ new photos to add to your collection.

BTS‘s new album, BE, is the gift that keeps giving. Naver and Big Hit Entertainment have released 20+ new behind the scenes photos from BTS’s BE concept photos and their “Life Goes On” music video. Check them out!

1. BTS

Dressed in white, BTS performs against a backdrop of ARMY bombs. Fans couldn’t attend BTS’s concerts in person this year, but they were (and are still) cheering them on in spirit.

2. RM

This close up shows details from RM’s BE room, especially his wooden KAWS bears.

The color scheme for RM’s set was brown, yellow, orange, and white, and he dressed to match it.

In this photo, it’s as if he’s listening for ARMY’s voices singing along to “Life Goes On”.

3. Jin

Jin decorated his BE room with sparkling jewels…

…but he shines brighter than them all!

ARMY can’t wait to see his Worldwide Handsome face again in person, and hopefully, that day will come soon.

4. Suga

Suga’s room is painted blue with chrome accents…

…and matched BTS’s new song “Blue & Grey” perfectly.

Like the rest of BE‘s songs, fans are replaying it over and over again.

5. J-Hope

J-Hope’s room is as bright and colorful as he is, decorated with happy faces…

…and references to his solo work.

In the “Life Goes On” video, we saw the cheerful side of his personality, and also J-Hope’s quieter, introspective side during this concert scene.

6. Jimin

Jimin’s room was all about contrast. He paired this plain, black outfit…

…with a French provincial sofa and dozens of floral arrangements.

Even the lace on his “Life Goes On” outfit is shaped like flowers.

7. V

V, the Visual Director behind BE‘s concept photos, is the only member with a black and white photo in this new set. It shows him raising a camera to his eye to snap a photo…

…like this one. V took this photo during BTS’s travel show, Bon Voyage.

Singing, dancing, photography…is there anything he can’t do?

8. Jungkook

Jungkook’s room is all about music. The ceiling is covered with soundproofing boards, the walls are covered in chalk scribbles…

…and Jungkook is surrounded by speakers.

Speaking of music, he directed the MV for “Life Goes On”. Here’s hoping we’ll see his director credits on more BTS videos in the future!

Source: Naver


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