This Magazine’s Mistake Is Upsetting BTS Fans And NCT Fans

Fans really aren’t happy about this.

A magazine article about the American Music Awards has become a hot topic with NCT fans and BTS fans, for all the wrong reasons.


BTS and NCT, two of the hottest boy groups to hit the 2018 international music mainstream, were both involved in this year’s AMAs. BTS took home “Favorite Social Artist”, but was unable to accept the award in person, due to being on tour.


NCT 127, on the other hand, attended the event as guests in their dapper, black tuxedos.


Since the American public is just beginning to familiarize themselves with K-Pop, there were, naturally, a few mix-ups at the AMAs. NCT 127 were mistaken for BTS by attendees…


…as well as by several news outlets.


Both groups’ fandoms are unhappy about the confusion, but some fans have taken particular issue with the Times of India, a highly influential, in-print magazine. Times of India printed this photo of NCT 127 but labeled it as BTS.


Fans have expressed their frustration on Twitter, calling the mistake “disrespectful”.


Many have pointed out that NCT 127 and BTS don’t even have the same number of members. NCT 127 has 10, while BTS has 7.


Fans are hoping that Times of India, and other outlets who have made the same error, will take measures to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.