ARMYs Will Hear BTS’s New Japanese Song Ahead Of Release On Upcoming J-Drama

The song is dropping in just a few weeks!

One of the tracks from BTS’s upcoming Japanese album has been selected as the theme song for a J-Drama, which means ARMYs will get to hear it before the album drops!

The song, entitled “Stay Gold”, is one of the tracks on BTS’s new Japanese album. This will be the group’s 4th full-length Japanese album; their last studio album in Japan (Face Yourself) was released two years ago. The upcoming album has no title as of right now, but Billboard Japan revealed it’s slated for a Summer 2020 release.

But luckily, ARMYs won’t have to wait that long to hear “Stay Gold”. On March 26, it was announced that the track has been selected as the theme song for an upcoming Japanese television drama, Spiral Labyrinth – DNA Science Investigation (titled Rasen no Meikyū in Japan).

The drama, which stars Kei Tanaka, is based on a thriller manga of the same name. The story centers on a DNA professor who is recruited to secretly work on a grisly murder case. Spiral Labyrinth will be premiering on April 24, so fans will get to hear “Stay Gold” in less than a month!

According to Billboard Japan, BTS revealed that “Stay Gold” has a bright feel with sentimental lyrics. The chart operators said it’s a song that “anybody could sing along to easily”.

Despite BTS’s unwavering success in Japan, this is only their second OST project. Their first was the song “Don’t Leave Me” from Face Yourself, which was used in the Japanese remake of the famous K-Drama Signal.

If you’re desperate for new BTS music already, mark your calendar for April 24!