BTS’s New “Make It Right” MV Is Making Everyone Emotional

This new version brings fans even closer to the members.

BTS has dropped a new “Make It Right” music video!


On October 25, BTS surprised fans with a vertical version of “Make It Right” MV, similar to the recently released Lauv version. The vertical MV does not have animated sequences, and it features the original “Make It Right” track with V‘s intro.


Like the vertical video for Jungkook‘s “Euphoria” solo (piano version), this “Make It Right” MV offers more intimacy than BTS’s cinematic music videos. It shows the members’ genuine love for ARMY, and the exhaustion they experience after putting on a show.


It’s no surprise that BTS’s emotional moments are making fans tear up. They’re falling in love with OT7 all over again!


Watch the MV here: