Both YouTube and Melon Servers Crash with the Release of BTS’s “Boy with Luv”

That’s BTS’s “world class” for you.

BTS recently released their new album, MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA, and they managed to show off their “world class” once more by proving just how high the anticipation has been ahead of the release.

As soon as their new MV, “Boy With Luv” was released on YouTube and Melon, a very high number of ARMY’s must have tried to watch the video at once because a problem occurred on both servers.

Soon after the MV release, both YouTube and Melon came up with error messages claiming that the page couldn’t be accessed and requesting that they try again later.

It is easily predicted that the high number of fans clicking the link at once led to this error, and it’s no wonder because the new MV is absolutely killer.

The MV features the famous American singer, Halsey, and the number of views has already surpassed 7 million after just 3 hours since its release.

Check out BTS new MV below:

Source: Insight


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