BTS Has A New Webtoon, “7Fates: CHAKHO” — Here’s Everything You Need To Know

The plot, release date, and more.

In 2019, BTS released Save Me, a time travel webtoon based on the BTS Universe. Now, a new webtoon is on the way!

At their 2021 Briefing With The Community, HYBE announced plans to release new webtoons for their artists, including BTS, TXT, and ENHYPEN. BTS’s new webtoon, 7Fates: CHAKHO, is an urban fantasy story inspired by the tiger hunters of the Joseon Dynasty.

| HYBE Labels/Youtube 

South Korea was once home to a high population of Siberian tigers, to the point of being overrun. Tiger attacks became so common that in 1421, King Sejong introduced Chakhogapsa, the tiger hunters. The Chakhogapsa were specially appointed soldiers who had proved their hunting abilities, including the accuracy with which they could hit targets while riding horses.

BTS battling Beom in the webtoon’s concept art. | HYBE Labels/Youtube

7Fates: CHAKHO takes place in a city in the near future. Its plot will draw on old stories about the tiger hunters while creating a brand new story for readers to enjoy. Much like Save Me7Fates: CHAKHO follows seven boys, the tiger-hunting CHAKHO, whose destinies are intertwined. Together, the CHAKHO face trials and tribulations while taking down the “Beom.”


Keep an eye on each story of the tiger hunters to discover their tragic fate, and to take revenge for losing their loved ones.

— RM

“Beom” is the Korean word for tiger, but the Beom in BTS’s webtoon may have a supernatural twist. While introducing the story, BTS’s Jin described the Beom as monsters, while Jimin said that creatures from Korean folklore will be part of the plot.

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The webtoon will be released on Naver Webtoons on January 15, 2022. Here what BTS had to say about it:

BTS Introduces Their New Webtoon Characters From “7Fates: CHAKHO”


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