BTS Introduces Their New Webtoon Characters From “7Fates: CHAKHO”

“This character is put in an awkward situation…”

If you liked Save Me, you’ll love 7Fates: CHAKHO!


At the 2021 Briefing With The Community, HYBE announced a new webtoon for BTS. Unlike BTS’s 2019 webtoon Save Me7Fates: CHAKHO departs from the BTS Universe we know to create a brand new story.

7Fates: CHAKHO is an urban fantasy tale inspired by the tiger hunters of the Joseon Dynasty. In an interview segment, BTS revealed what readers can look forward to in terms of the plot and the characters.

BTS battling Beom in the webtoon’s concept art. | HYBE Labels/Youtube

“The story begins with monsters called ‘Beom,'” Jin said. “invading the city of ‘Sin-si’ to hunt humans. And the seven hunters of the Beom called CHAKHO have gathered.”

Jin | HYBE Labels/Youtube

The CHAKHO are based on real tiger hunters from the Joseon Dynasty, the Chakhogapsa. The Chakhogapsa culled Siberian tigers to protect the nation from tiger attacks.

V | HYBE Labels/Youtube

This is an urban fantasy from the motive of the Chakhogapsa, the army that used to catch tigers and bears of Korean tales.

— V

“Beom” is the Korean word for tiger, but the CHAKHO’s Beom may be supernatural in nature.

| HYBE Labels/Youtube 

According to Jimin7Fates: CHAKHO draws on creatures from Korean folklore including trickster goblins (dokkaebi), and the Bulgasalyi (also called Pulgasari). Bulgasalyi is an unkillable monster that feeds on metal scraps.

Jimin | HYBE Labels/Youtube

There’s also an interesting set-up from old tales, like Korean traditional goblins and Bulgasalyi.

— Jimin

We can also look forward to a cast of complex characters played by BTS’s members. Jungkook describes one as a hunter who possesses the “ability of Beom.”   

Jungkook | HYBE Labels/Youtube

This character is put in an awkward situation where he has to catch Beom using the ability of Beom, but at the same time, he’s not to be recognized as a Beom.

— Jungkook

“The character had to be cutthroat to survive in the cave in the den of Beom,” J-Hope said, describing one character’s origin story. “It will be interesting to see what kind of decisions the characters will make, and how those decisions will lead to different incidents.”

J-Hope | HYBE Labels/Youtube

“They [the CHAKHO] perform different roles of Beom in a corrupted and confused city,” Suga said. Just what are these roles, and what does Sin-si city have in store for the tiger hunters?

Suga | HYBE Labels/Youtube

RM hinted that 7Fates: CHAKHO might be just as heartbreaking as Save Me. Will BTS get a happy ending this time?

RM | HYBE Labels/Youtube

Keep an eye on each story of the tiger hunters to discover their tragic fate, and to take revenge for losing their loved ones.

— RM

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