BTS Reveals Their Next Goals Now That They’ve Performed At The BBMAs

Here’s what they aim for next!

After becoming the first K-Pop act to win the Top Social Artist award, BTS revealed last year that their next goal was to perform at the Billboard Music Awards. Well, now that they’ve achieved that very goal as well, BTS reveals what’s next on their to-do list!


Suga hopes of ranking 1st on Billboard’s hottest charts, going on stadium tours, and more importantly… attending the Grammy Award ceremony!

“I’m half worried and half excited. I want to rank 1st on Billboard’s main singles chart ‘HOT 100″ and ‘Billboard 200’, and also hold a stadium tour. I want to attend the Grammy’s as world renown artists. It’s going to be hard achieving every one of these goals, but bigger the dream the better. Since I’ve already proclaimed it, I’ll work hard to accomplish these goals.”

— Suga


As a response, RM humbly shared that they still have a long way to go.

“We have a long way to climb. We haven’t ranked 1st on Billboard’s ‘HOT 100’ yet or hold a stadium tour. I’m not sure if we’ll even be able to rank 1st on ‘Billboard 200’ [this week] because of Post Malone.”

— RM


For now, he’s enjoying the moment and looking forward to their upcoming world tour while also preparing for their next album.

“Right now, we’re focused on enjoying the moment. We’re preparing for our new album while concentrating on our concert tour that’s starting this August.”

— RM


With their new album “LOVE YOURSELF: Tear” dropping less than a week ago, fans worry that the members will burn out if they’re already working on another album. However, Suga says it’s never a problem if it’s for their fans!

“Having to complete high quality work in such a short amount of time is excruciatingly tiring and burdening. You have to personally keep a tight hold on your mental state and take care of your health.

[However], we continue pushing through for the fans who are waiting for us.”

— Suga


That kind of dedication proves just how much BTS worked hard to complete their goals, and their new goals sound very much attainable as they’ve become the “Biggest Boy Band In The World” (according to Kelly Clarkson at the BBMAs)!

“I wondered if we even deserved to be praised like that from [Kelly Clarkson], someone who we look up to. We may work hard on producing good music and our performance stages, but we were able to be titled the best boy band all thanks to our fans.”

— Jin

Source: No Cut News and Yonhap News