BTS And Nicki Minaj Share Love For Each Other Through The Cutest Shoutouts

BTS and Nicki Minaj stans have officially joined families!

BTS sent love towards American rapper Nicki Minaj earlier today by Tweeting her latest album, “Queen”.


The love soon began to spread as ARMYs began streaming Nicki Minaj’s new album with the hashtag “#BTSQueenStreamingParty”.


The hashtag soon began trending worldwide, reaching #1 with thousands of tweets!


Nicki Minaj soon got word of all the love from BTS and ARMYs that she had to thank them through a sweet shoutout!


And that just opened up another world for all the Nicki Minaj fans to discover BTS and connect with the ARMYs, forming one big happy family!


Who would’ve thought that all of this could stem from one fateful meeting in front of a bathroom?!