BTS Will Not Be Exempt From Military Service, Here’s How Fans Are Reacting

Fans are showing their support for BTS.

For months, BTS fans, politicians, the media, and the general public have been discussing the group’s military service.

Under the current law, Olympians, gold medalist athletes, and award-winning classical musicians are all eligible for exemptions because of their outstanding cultural contributions. K-Pop idols, on the other hand, are ineligible. Even so, many people wondered if BTS’s work as cultural ambassadors might make them the exception to this rule.

| @omgchefsrok/Twitter

On October 9, the Military Manpower Administration (MMA) announced their decision on the matter; BTS will not be given an exemption, but the members can possibly defer their enlistment until a later date.

Jin, the oldest BTS member, will be the first to enlist.

How are ARMYs reacting to the news? They are showing their support on social media, stating that they will stand by BTS like they always have.

That said, many fans are trying to mentally prepare themselves for what that day comes. ARMY has been with BTS for seven years, and they aren’t quite ready to send them off yet.

While BTS’s members are taking a rest from K-Pop life, ARMY still has a job to do. Fans are planning to work as hard as ever to stream, boost sales, and support their boys until they’re all back together again.


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