BTS Is The Official Ambassador For The 2030 Busan World Expo

HYBE’s CEO gave a statement to confirm the news.

Just days after HYBE confirmed that BTS would be taking a back seat from group activities to focus on their solo careers, the 2030 Busan World Expo has announced that the group will be their official ambassadors.

Busan Mayor Park Hyung Jun had requested for BTS to participate as a goodwill ambassador to actively promote the expo. He had sent the request on June 15, 2022. On June 17, 2022, news outlet Busan Ilbo reported that HYBE has accepted Park Hyung Jun’s request. The expo is banking on BTS’s influence and huge fan base to help draw in a crowd to the 2030 Busan World Expo.

HYBE’s CEO, Park Ji Won, made a statement to Busan Ilbo to confirm the news.

After we received the request from Busan’s Mayor, Park Hyung Jun, we briefed the artistes on the news and all members happily agreed to participate as a [goodwill ambassador].

— Park Ji Won

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He continued to explain the rationale behind the decision as well as what BTS would be doing as an ambassador.

The company and artistes think that the World Expo is an event that brings a positive influence to the whole world and we think that it is a meaningful event beyond the Olympics and World Cup. At the same time, we decided that  it was an important event for the sake of the country and the city’s society. Since we know that the World Expo will be conducted as a competition, we have agreed with all our artistes to put in effort to take the lead in spreading the word to the world through Korean software.

— Park Ji Won


Seeing as members Jungkook and Jimin were born in Busan, they would be even more effective as ambassadors.

For our internal checks this time, we only talked about the conditions for participation. We will make a decision together with the artist, on the best plan for what sort of activities will be carried out.

Since we have Busan-born artistes, we also lightly talked that it would be effective to use words such as “Jungkook’s hometown, Busan“.

— Park Ji Won

BTS will be joining actor Lee Jung Jae and AI celebrity Rozy as the ambassadors for the Expo. World Expos, officially known as International Registered Exhibitions, are a global gathering of nations dedicated to finding solutions to pressing challenges of our time by offering a journey inside a universal theme through engaging and immersive activities.

Source: Busan Ilbo