BTS’s Official TikTok Account Gets Hacked

Their TikTok account was compromised.

BTS‘s official TikTok account was recently hacked, as ARMY noticed suspicious behavior on the account.

| Big Hit Entertainment

The most recent upload on the account shared a video titled “soon”, which featured a hammer and a mysterious sounding track, similar to the background music of a horror movie. The post has since been deleted.

In addition, the official TikTok account liked a post unrelated to any BTS content. Prior to this, only BTS-related content was liked by the group’s TikTok account, such as “Dynamite” covers done by other TikTok users.


Hallo. #تيم_السوبر_اكورد #اكسبلور #019 #explore

♬ الصوت الأصلي – insta @2ln0.d

ARMY also noticed that the alleged person who hacked BTS’s TikTok account followed two accounts which may be their own or affiliated with themselves. The accounts have since been removed from the following list.

| @EmuslanAudrey/Twitter

In addition, ARMY noticed that an account identifying themselves as “Team Alpha” may have been the one who hacked the account, based on the similar usernames and the timing of their social media posts.

| @kim_vvtae/Twitter

The person showed BTS’s TikTok account being the target of their hack.

| @kim_vvtae/Twitter

They then shared they were successful, changing the description under the account.

| @kim_vvtae/Twitter

And finally, they claimed they did it just for fun.

| @kim_vvtae/Twitter

Naturally, ARMY are calling for TikTok to secure the account and return it to Big Hit Entertainment‘s control. Most of the modifications to BTS’s TikTok account have been restored to their original status, however, the account’s bio has not yet been added back.


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