BTS Officially Brought In Record-High Ratings For “The Tonight Show” With Jimmy Fallon

The ratings are in!

The ratings are in and BTS has definitely left their mark!

BTS’s appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon recorded the highest ratings for the week of February 24-28 at 0.36.

Moreover, the staggering 1.945 million viewers who tuned in made it the most-watched Tonight Show since December 2019, as well as the highest-rated original since April 2019.

To add to an already-impressive record, BTS brought in a strong young audience with viewers aged 18-19 hitting a rating of 0.41, the highest the show recorded in six weeks.

BTS recorded multiple videos during their February 24 appearance, and all of them garnered at least one million views. Included here is the now-viral performance of “ON” in the Grand Central Terminal that has close to 20 million views.

Source: Broadwayworld