BTS Will All Officially Renew Contracts With HYBE And BIGHIT MUSIC

They are staying with HYBE.

BTS have all officially decided to renew their contracts with HYBE and BIGHIT Music.

In a statement shared by HYBE to various media outlets, including Sports Chosun, it was shared by HYBE during a board meeting that they will be renewing their exclusive contracts with all seven BTS members in sequential order as they expire.

BIGHIT Music and HYBE will renew the contracts with each BTS member sequentially in consideration of each members’ personal situation, such as their military service. The members currently serving in the military — Jin and J-Hope — will have their new contracts begin in 2025.

With the renewal of their contracts, we hope will be able to share with everyone a full group promotional period for BTS in 2025.

HYBE and Big Hit Music will do everything we can to support and further improve BTS’s status.


Currently, the BTS members are promoting individually following their self-imposed break from group promotions. Jin and J-Hope are currently serving their mandatory military service while Suga is set to enlist later this week.

Source: Sports Chosun