BTS Have Officially Sold Out All 21 Concerts In North America and Europe

BTS sold out all of their Europe tour dates too.

With tickets for BTS’s world tour concerts in Europe going on sale and selling out in minutes, BTS have officially sold out every single ticket for their world tour stops in North America and Europe.

BTS Completely Sell Out All 14 North American Concerts In 3 Days


Previosly, when tickets for their North America stops were initially released, the demand was so intense, Big Hit Entertainment added a fourth date for Los Angeles.

BTS Sells Out US Concert For 3 Days, So They Had To Add More


Tickets for BTS’s concerts in Europe sold out just as fast, with tickets gone in as little as 20 seconds.


This means BTS have sold over 300,000 tickets for their World Tour already!

The exact number is unknown as venues have different seating layouts for concerts compared to sporting events.


BTS will kick off their world tour on August 25 in Seoul.