Superfan Oli London Divorces “Cardboard Jimin” For A New TikTok Crush

It’s over!

A superfan who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to look like BTS‘s Jimin is divorcing their one true love — a piece of cardboard.

Cardboard Jimin and Oli London | @OliLondonTV/Twitter

Oli London is a social media personality who identifies as a non-binary “transracial” Korean. Over the years, they have appeared on a number of programs to discuss their love for plastic surgery and for Jimin, including Dr. Phil, Botched, and MTV Plastic Surgery Knifemares.

| @OliLondonTV/Twitter

In 2020, Oli announced their marriage to a cardboard cutout of Jimin in Las Vegas, Nevada.

| @OliLondonTV/Twitter

Jimin is my idol. I spent a lot of money to look like him, and now I’m even married to him. I don’t know what I might do next with him. This is the happiest day of my life.

— Oli London

Now, two years later, Oli London has filed for divorce. On Twitter, they shared their divorce papers…

| @OliLondonTV/Twitter

…as well as photos of themself mourning the marriage.

| @OliLondonTV/Twitter

In a YouTube video, the newly single fan went into detail about their decision to divorce Cardboard Jimin. Oli London cited cyberbullying as one contributing factor.

For the last two years, since me and Cardboard Jimin got married I have received so much hate online, so much abuse, you know, millions and millions of haters.

— Oli London

They also felt that it would be “selfish” to keep Cardboard Jimin to themself when the real Jimin is beloved by millions of ARMYs.

Everybody loves Jimin. I really feel like maybe I was selfish, you know, just to keep him to myself and think that I could marry him. I know the real Jimin loves me and would probably marry me in real life, but I have to, you know, come to terms with reality.

He’s a cardboard cut-out. I thought he was real. I used to talk to him, but I’ve actually realized he’s just a cardboard cut-out. I’ve kind of gotten over my cardboard fetish that I’ve had for the last two years.

— Oli London

Although they still love the real Jimin, Oli London is moving on to a new crush: 20-year-old social media star, Vlad Hoshin. Vlad Hoshin has 1.9 million followers on Instagram and 9.9 million on TikTok.

Watch the video here:

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