BTS Reveals Which Members They Would Switch Talents With

If they could exchange skills for 24 hours, here’s what would happen.

BTS‘s members all bring different talents to the table, but what if they could swap skills for a day?


On November 19, PAPER magazine released their “Break The Internet” cover story, featuring BTS. The story contains a colorful photoshoot and an in-depth interview where BTS answers questions about their music style, achievements, and themselves.


When asked which member they would each like to switch talents with for 24 hours, RM chose dance master J-Hope.

I would like to dance like J-Hope just for one day. What would that feel like?

— RM


“V’s ability to memorize choreography,” Jin replied. He added, comically, “I want to say to RM, ‘Have you already forgotten [the moves]?'”


Suga, on the other hand, would love to borrow RM’s language skills.

RM — I want to be good at English.

— Suga


“Suga’s amazing producing skills!!!” J-Hope said like he says everything: with enthusiasm!


Jimin‘s Mochi visuals are totally adorable, but he’d love to try out J-Hope’s “smiley face”.

J-Hope’s smiley face. Looking at J-Hope, I think his smiley face is really adorable.

— Jimin

Like Suga, and Jungkook would like to make RM’s abilities their own. “I want to borrow RM’s brain,” V answered. “and make a whole bunch of songs.”


“RM. I want to write really nice lyrics and have deeper thoughts,” Jungkook replied.


Check out their photoshoot here:

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Source: PAPER