BTS Reveal Which New Music Styles They’d Like To Try In The Future

If they could make any kind of music, here’s what they would choose.

BTS isn’t shy about experimenting with their music, but what does the future hold?


On November 19, PAPER magazine released “Break The Internet”, a cover story featuring BTS. The story includes a colorful photoshoot and an in-depth interview where BTS answers questions about switching talents, change music styles, and more.


When asked if they would like to try out any music styles that they haven’t tried as a group yet, the members’ answers varied. RM hopes that BTS’s future music will mature with them, emotionally.

I want to show our various sides that reflect the progression of our age as well as our emotions and sensibilities.

— RM


Jin‘s answer may remind fans of “Rock Jin”, a nickname he (and his BT21 character RJ) earned after recording “Dionysus”. Producer Pdogg told Jin to shout like a rocker on the track.

I want to try something in the genre of rock. I think it will come out great because our members are pretty charismatic.

— Jin


“There are so many I don’t know which one to say,” Suga replied. “There’s plenty of things to show you, so please look forward to it.”


Like Suga, J-Hope didn’t choose a specific music style. For him, anything BTS creates is automatically Bangtan style.

Now it feels like BTS is just BTS. Whichever [style of] music or performance, it comes out in BTS style.

— J-Hope


“There are so many things I want to try,” Jimin added. “but I don’t want to be too specific about it.”


V, on the other hand, named a particular artist and song he’d like to try out.

I want to try doing music in the style of Conan Gray or “All Tinted.”

— V


“It’s different from time to time,” Jungkook concluded. “I just hope I can widen my vocal spectrum regardless of what that might be.”


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Source: PAPER


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