BTS’s Past Mention Of Wanting To Win A Major Award Resurfaces In Light Of Their Billboard’s “Hot 100” Win

They looked cautious just talking about the possibility.

BTS got their first No.1 on Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart proving that they are indeed world-class stars.




In light of their massive accomplishment, past footage of the BTS members mentioning the possibility of one day topping Billboard’s Hot 100 chart resurfaced in online communities.


Back in July 2015, BTS took to their official YouTube channel to celebrate their 2nd debut anniversary.

This was the day when BTS placed 1st for the first time on a Korean music program with their song, “I NEED YOU”.

Suga, who was in charge of being the host of the show shared that they accomplished their goal and suggested setting another one.

Our wish last year was to get 1st place on a music program. Let’s make another wish this year.

— Suga

And J-Hope has big dreams.

Let’s dream big. Let’s reach for a major award.

— J-Hope

In response, the other members were at a loss for words which led J-Hope to modestly joke,

Would a table of food be faster to achieve?

— J-Hope

But just a year later in 2016, BTS proved that they come with no limits by winning the Album Of The Year award at Melon Music Awards.

And this time, they even topped Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, and there’s really no accomplishment more major than that.

BTS’s past modest attitude toward winning such major awards has netizens reacting with comments such as “I can’t believe there was a time when BTS was like that“, “They were so happy about winning anything“, and “They were so cute and modest“.

They’re still modest kings now, but their success appears to have no limit.

Source: Insight