Author Paulo Coelho Is Giving BTS Copies Of His New Book “HIPPIE”

Nobody saw this announcement coming, but they’re glad it happened.

K-Pop and literature have just collided in an unexpected, but totally fantastic way; Paulo Coelho has announced that all the BTS members will be receiving copies of his new book, “HIPPIE”!

Paulo Coelho is a famous Brazilian novelist best known for his thought-provoking, allegorical novel, The Alchemist. His new book, “HIPPIE”, tells the story of an aspiring writer who sets off on a journey in search of a deeper meaning for his life. Paulo Coelho’s works often explore introspective themes, such as purpose and the meaning of life, that have resonated with many BTS fans.


On February 5, Paulo Coelho announced that his Korean publisher will be sending copies of “HIPPIE” to all of BTS’s members.


BTS’s members are big book lovers, and many of their works have been inspired by famous literature. Some fans are now hoping that “HIPPIE” will feature in BTS’s future songs.


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