It’s All In The Details — Take A Closer Look At BTS’s “Permission To Dance” Set

How many did you spot?

BTS‘s “Permission to Dance” music video is full of eye-catching details, and now fans can finally see them in HD!


Naver and BTS have released 40+ new behind-the-scenes photos, including close-ups of the set. This corkboard is overflowing with news clippings about climate change, COVID-19, mental health, employment, the environment, and more.

Another reference to global warming can be seen on this machine, below a landscape poster.

The camera also captured details from outside the laundromat, including the colorful, repurposed toilets and the piano that references Elton John songs, including “Your Song” and “Rocket Man.”

If you’re feeling short on hope during the pandemic, don’t fret. BTS has plenty of purple hope balloons for everyone!

Check out the rest of the photos here:

BTS Grant “Permission To Dance” In 40+ New Photos

Source: Naver