ARMYs Commend BTS For Being Environmentally Cautious When Filming The Balloon Scenes In “Permission To Dance” Music Video

No balloons were released in the making of this video!

BTS recently released their music video for their new song, “Permission to Dance.” The song contains an uplifting message, and the video matches just that as a lot of its imagery represents the celebration of COVID-19 ending and moving on with one’s life.

“Permission to Dance” MV Official Teaser | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

In the music video, purple balloons are specially featured to “signal the end of COVID-19,” as was seen through the newspaper in the music video’s teaser. Thus, balloons are prominently featured throughout the video as people release them, and there’s also a painted purple balloon on a truck with the phrase, “Live just like we’re golden.”

“Permission to Dance” MV | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

Releasing balloons is a modern tradition. It’s basically a variation of releasing doves or paper lanterns that can be both celebratory or symbolize releasing one’s worries or problems.

| @bangtan_library/Twitter

Despite the good intentions, some ARMYs were skeptical about the usage of balloons in the video, especially since there are scenes that feature numerous being released in the sky.

“Permission to Dance” MV | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

Bangtan Library on Twitter explained why balloons can float upward to the sky and why some don’t. It, of course, depends on what you fill it with!

| @bangtan_library/Twitter

They then added that according to Sir Isaac Newton‘s law of universal gravitation, anything that “goes not-that-far-up must come down.” As a result, balloons are actually very harmful to the environment!

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Knowing that some ARMYs would likely want to participate in releasing purple balloons in the spirit of “Permission to Dance,” they suggested some alternatives that would be less detrimental to the environment. These include releasing biodegradable balloons, flying kites, releasing flowers down a stream of water, or blowing soap bubbles.

| @bangtan_library/Twitter
| @bangtan_library/Twitter

Nevertheless, others were concerned that BTS truly released balloons during the filming of their music video. However, they proved them wrong with the release of a behind-the-scenes video that clearly shows that balloons were tied to the location with an additional string so that even when seemingly “released,” they could pull them right back.


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ARMYs online have been reacting to the clip from the video, feeling more than just a sense of relief upon realizing the balloons weren’t truly released. They have been commending BTS for being environmentally cautious.

| @sweetdestruxion/TikTok
| @Ms_Kela74/Twitter

Another ARMY pointed out that if you look closely at the set design of the music video, you can see that BTS even included messages of awareness related to environmental issues, such as global warming.

It’s not too surprising that BTS would be so conscientious about the environment, considering that they have topped the “Global Sustainable Leader 100” list at the United Nations Headquarters. It’s no wonder that the group was appointed as “Special Presidential Envoys for Future Generations and Culture” by South Korean President Moon Jae In.

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Source: BANGTANTV, HYBE LABELS, @cypherluscious and @bangtan_library