Here’s 10+ Details From BTS’s “Permission To Dance” Music Video That You Might Not Have Noticed

Did you notice these details when watching BTS’s new music video?

We all know BTS have great attention to detail in everything they do. This was evident in their “Butter” single release concept photos. Now, it is even more clear with their release of “Permission to Dance.” The music video is not just a fun Western vibe that seems straight out of a Disney Channel original movie, but it holds a lot of great meaning.

Here are 10+ details from the “Permission to Dance” music video that you might not have noticed…

1. They’re definitely hinting at a world tour

A lot of imagery in the music video represents COVID-19 ending and moving on with one’s life, and having fun. In the music video teaser, we saw the front page of the newspaper Suga is reading and the city signs with J-Hope, and we believe they might be hinting at a world tour next year.

The headlines on the newspaper and the words on the truck in the music video include the following phrases: “Our Life Goes On,” “2022, The Beginning Of A New Era,” “Bye [Facemask], let’s not meet again ever,” “Purple balloons signal the end of COVID-19,” “We all worked together to overcome it. Nothing could stop us,” “Just keep the right vibe,” “Just live like we’re golden.”

2. Purple

We know purple holds special significance for ARMY. V popularized the term “Borahae” or “I purple you,” meaning “Purple is the last color of the rainbow colors. Purple means I will trust and love you for a long time.” 

In the music video, purple balloons are featured to also “signal the end of COVID-19.” This can also be seen in the newspaper, balloons are featured all throughout the video, and there’s also a painted one on a truck with the phrase, “Live just like we’re golden.”

3. 2013-06-13

BTS’s debut date, June 13, 2013, was featured as the phone number, 201-306-13, on a business building.

4. BTS are highlighting everyone affected by the pandemic…

BTS has used many recent releases, such as “Life Goes On” and “Butter,” to encourage everyone affected by the pandemic to know there will be better days ahead. In the music video for “Permission to Dance,” they also highlight those persons who have been greatly affected by COVID-19, such as teachers, elderly and children, retail workers, etc.

5. The waitress might represent ARMY

The waitress in the music video might represent more than just paying respects to people in the foodservice industry. In the TinyTAN universe, the girl representing ARMY works in a bakery, so possibly they are the same character.

6. Referencing their other songs…

BTS make a small connection from their previous release “Butter” to “Permission to Dance.” The waitress at the beginning is seen carrying a plate of pancakes with butter on top, similar to what J-Hope is seen eating in the “Butter” music video.

ARMYs have also noticed how well the lyrics of “Dynamite,” “Butter,” and “Permission to Dance” connect to each other.

7. You might actually know some of these extras…

The crowd of backup dancers with BTS are actually the crew! Performance Director Son Sung Deuk actually pointed himself out in the video in an Instagram post.

One of the kids in the video is the son of Visual Artist Lumpens who has directed many of our favorite BTS music videos.

The teenage boy in the video is Leo from Trainee A, an upcoming HYBE boy group.

8. The dessert is actually fake…

The location for the “Permission to Dance” music video was created from scratch.

9. The mural is by a Mexican artist

The beautiful mural that contains lyrics from the song and “The wait is over” is by Mexican artist Abel Macías.

10. 7

On the laundromat windows, read “Open 7 Days A Week.” The number “7” has many meanings within the BTS fandom. When talking about the meaning behind the title of their album Map of the Soul: 7, RM explained, “You know 7 can symbolize many things. It symbolizes the number of members and the years we have spent together.” He added, “Also seven means very good luck, right? Like jackpot. Lucky number seven.”  

In this case, we think by using “Open 7 Days A Week” in the music video,” it represents BTS being here for ARMY for all time. And, obviously, the number of members.

11. BTS included sign language in their choreography

“Permission to Dance” celebrates diversity, including not only people of different ages, races, and nationalities, but they even incorporated both Korean (KSL) and international (ASL) sign language for the words “fun,” “dance,” and “peace” in their choreography.

Check out the music video below: