K-ARMYs Couldn’t Attend BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” Concert, But They Found The Sweetest Way To Show Their Support

The members felt their love!

BTS recently wowed fans worldwide with their online concert PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE.




BTS during their online concert | @KPop_Herald/ Twitter

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the concert could not take place with fans, which was disappointing to both BTS and ARMYs worldwide. Yet, it seems as if Korean ARMYs made sure that the members felt their love.

| @KPop_Herald/ Twitter

A tweet recently caught the attention of ARMYs worldwide. A user shared that some Korean fans had gathered themselves outside of the concert’s arena. According to the user, fans were spread out around the arena with picnics.

The K-ARMYs were cheering for the members and sharing their support, despite not being there in person.

However, it seems as if the symbolic meaning behind the actions might have impacted the members more than first expected. When the tweet was shared, many recalled the moment during the concert when Jimin pulled out his earpiece and explained that he could hear ARMYs, adding, “I think I can hear them answering to me.

There was also an image of the members where it showed RM and Suga looking up as if they could hear the support from ARMYs! Although it might have been a small gesture, it isn’t surprising that their reactions were this precious for a group who haven’t performed in front of fans for nearly two years.

When the clip was first released, fans worldwide couldn’t stop praising Korean ARMYs for being able to share the love they have for the group, even through these tough times. It was also a clear sign to BTS that, despite not being able to perform in front of fans, ARMYs will always support the members, whether from near or afar.

As always, ARMYs prove that there are no boundaries to showcasing their love and support for BTS! The fact that the members heard and felt that love is even more important because it is a reminder that one day, ARMYs and BTS will be back together again!

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