ARMYs Condemn Inappropriate Behavior At BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LAS VEGAS” Shows

It raised concerns for the safety of both BTS and ARMYs!

Over the weekend, BTS played the first two of their four PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE shows at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. As expected, both shows were terrific, and netizens couldn’t hide their excitement at the high standard of the shows and the members’ talent.

Members of BTS | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

ARMYs were sharing their thoughts on the show and how good the atmosphere was throughout the shows, with everyone gathered to support BTS. Many even had some iconic interactions with the members, whether it was V giving a fan an ARMY Bomb lightstick…

| @fanfanmunnie/ Twitter 

Jungkook answering a fan’s request to flash his abs or even giving the members flowers, ARMYs were treated to so many special memories.

| @joontro94/ Twitter 

However, although a majority of fans attended the shows and enjoyed the show respectfully, concerns have been raised about the behavior of some ARMYs. One of the major issues came from ARMYs throwing objects at the members.

Although fans have thrown items at the BTS members before, whereas many of these previous instances didn’t raise concerns, the number of items that were thrown in Las Vegas seemed to increase, and it also became dangerous for the members. Shared videos showed unaware members even being hit by the objects thrown by these fans.

As expected, when the videos were shared, ARMYs sent their thoughts on what happened and their concerns for BTS’s safety while on the carts.

Another issue raised was on the topic of concert etiquette when it came to seating. BTS made sure all ARMYs had special moments with the members during the show by coming into the arena on carts.

However, many ARMYs shared videos of fans from further back moving into the aisles and blocking the view of those at the front, who paid extra money to get the views. Alongside being annoying for fans, it was also dangerous as not only were the aisles for safety, but those sitting in accessible seating had their experiences impacted.

Fans were seen rushing to get as close to the members as possible, even if they were extremely far from their seats. Others were standing on the chairs to try and get a better look. By doing this, they blocked the view of those behind them.

Many even explained that fans were holding up big banners and signs which also blocked the view of others.

After fans shared their experiences, some ARMYs brought back tweets that spoke about the etiquette that should be in place at concerts, including respecting BTS, other fans, and the venue.

Others pointed out that although the organization from SoFi Arena during the LA shows wasn’t to a high standard, ARMYs ensured that their own behavior made up for it to create a nice atmosphere.

ARMYs were clear to say that they weren’t accusing everyone at the concert, and it was only a few of those fans attending that were ruining the experiences for others. With two more dates left of the Las Vegas portion of the tour, ARMYs are hoping that there will be more organization and control from security to ensure everyone can enjoy themselves.

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