BTS Releases Official Streaming Guide For “Permission To Dance On Stage” Online Concert

Here’s everything you need to know!

As their upcoming online concert “Permission To Dance On Stage” approaches, BTS has released an official streaming guide explaining everything you need to know before the show. Check out the full guide below!

1. Check your device(s).

Up to two devices can be logged on at the same time. When a third device is logged on, the first device will be logged out automatically.

If you’ve purchased 4K tickets, make sure your device supports 4K streaming. Additionally, subtitles will be available in English, Japanese, and Chinese for every ticket purchaser.

2. Viewing instructions

  • Purchase at Weverse Shop.
  • Go to the live streaming page.
  • Log in using the Weverse Shop account you used to purchase your ticket.
  • Set username.
  • Authenticate your ticket by clicking the “Validate ticket” button. If you have a soundcheck ticket, you must click both “Validate ticket” buttons for the concert and the soundcheck streaming.
  • Watch the concert!

3. Soundcheck Streaming

When: 3 PM KST, Sunday October 24, 2021 (2 AM EDT, Sunday October 24, 2021).

Soundcheck streaming is a special streaming event featuring a part of the BTS Permission To Dance On Stage soundcheck rehearsal online. It will be streamed in single-view only (4K ticket purchasers may view in 4K single-view).

4. Delayed Single-view Streaming

When: 10 AM KST, Sunday October 31 (9 PM EDT, Saturday October 30).

Delayed single-view streaming is available to ticket purchasers. It does not include soundcheck and is only offered in HD single-view.

5. Tips to enjoy the show

Get into your comfiest outfit!

Prepare your favorite snacks to munch on during the show!

Please remember the copyright rules: No recording, distributing, or editing any of the content!

Source: @bts.bighitofficial/Instagram