BTS’s Photographer Reveals What The Members Really Look Like Behind The Camera

Here’s the impression the members give off in real life.

Working in the industry for a decade, idol photographer Han Manhee has been lucky enough to snap hit artists like EXIDBLACKPINK, and even BTS. In a new YouTube interview with AYO, the photographer revealed all about what the BTS members look like behind the camera.

Fans don’t call Jin “Mr. Worldwide Handsome” for nothing. In fact, many lucky ARMYs who have had the privilege of seeing him in person insist that photos just don’t do him justice.

Of course, when his photos look this good, it’s hard to imagine how he could possibly be even more attractive in real life. But, according to Han Manhee, Jin really is a visual genius.

The photographer described Jin’s vibe as a “church oppa” style. While the term may sound unusual, it was actually once a common way of describing idols with a neat, sweet, and smart style that even moms would like.

Han Manhee even came up with a new nickname for the eldest BTS star that every ARMY is sure to agree with: “Mr. Perfect”.

And he had plenty to say about V’s visuals too. The one word Han used to sum him up? “Real”.

According to the photographer, V gives off a strong impression of being a “free soul”.

V frequently drives fans crazy with his intense expressions, whether he’s beaming like the happiest man on Earth or capturing hearts with a dark and smoldering gaze.

And it seems that Han Manhee agrees. He revealed that while shooting photos of V, he felt that “each one of his expressions is alive”.

Of course, Jin and V aren’t the only gorgeous men of BTS. Fellow photographer Bae Gangwoo chimed in to confess he thinks all the members are “so handsome”—high praise from someone who spends all day with idols!

In fact, BTS’s good looks are part of why photographers enjoy working with them so much. Bae Gangwoo explained that good looking idols “don’t need a lot of cuts”, which means they end up with very few bad pictures over the course of the photoshoot. This gets the shoot over and done with quicker, making life easier for photographers.

And judging by a sweet anecdote Han Manhee shared, it seems BTS are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. The photographer explained that he doesn’t usually hear the signal that marks the end of the shoot, only realizing it’s over when idols hear the signal and stop posing.

BTS, however, carried on posing until he took the last shot, even though they’d already been given the end signal.

Asta magazine behind the scenes | chahong1/Naver Blog

After shooting a BTS commercial, a lot of people asked how they were, and I always say they were “the best of all”.

— Han Manhee

Source: AYO 에이요, BTS (Image Credit) and BTS (Image Credit)


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