BTS Chooses Between ‘This or That’ In A Fun Game With SiriusXM

They are adamant about their choices!

On September 9, SiriusXM dropped a fun video on social media revealing a fun game of ‘This and That’ played by BTS. The boys go through a series of questions as they choose their favorite flavor, vacation spot, pets, and more.

When asked whether they would go to a tropical island or hiking in the woods, everyone except RM chose the island. RM’s reason for choosing hiking was that they needed their exercise as they were getting old.

Everyone except Jin and Jungkook chose cooking at home, but when Jimin added that it was best to eat at home during these times, the two of them quickly changed their vote to cooking at home.

Suga was alone on this one as he preferred salty over sweet.

Suga, Jungkook, and V chose vanilla while the rest passionately shouted “Chocolate!”

As a group that loves animals, Suga and Jimin couldn’t choose and decided to just choose both cat and dog for this one!

Everyone chose movie except Suga, who enjoys reading books and making memos in them during his free time. Jungkook adds that “Book is melatonin.”

While everyone chose staying up late, Suga chose both once again because he sleeps late but wakes up early too!

Watch the full game on SiriusXM’s YouTube channel below!