BTS Is Praised By Michael Jackson’s Son For Carrying On His Father’s Musical Legacy

“They are a once-in-a-lifetime act!” -Prince Michael

After an incredible summer filled with a record-breaking Billboard chart run, an inspirational visit to the UN, and multiple collaborations with Western music’s biggest artist, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who isn’t in awe of BTS. With the group continuing to gain support across the music industry, it makes sense that they would eventually reach the child of one of their greatest icons, Michael Jackson.

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Prince Michael, Michael Jackson’s son, was being interviewed about his charitable HEAL LOS ANGELES FOUNDATION with Liam McEwan. At one point in the interview, McEwan (who notably had TXT‘s The Dream Chapter: Star album on his shelf) shared his thoughts on BTS, making some interesting points about the group’s recent comebacks.

 Obviously, they’ve taken huge influence from your dad like “Dynamite”, the choreography was very MJ influenced and… one of their latest songs “Butter” starts with ‘smooth like butter, like a criminal undercover.” already getting that ‘Smooth Criminal’ reference in there.

-Liam McEwan


He then asked Prince Michael about how it feels to see such a large group “kinda tributing your dad in such a nice way but doing it in their own kind of way; it must make you thrilled?

Michael Jackson | The Guardian

Prince Michael responded very enthusiastically, sharing that he believed “their music kinda transcends culture and everything like that.”


He even called the group a “Once-in-a-lifetime act” before sharing just how much it means to see his father’s legacy carried on.

…It’s very interesting to see them and when I see that level of influence, being influenced by my father, it’s really cool for them to show that kind of… The way they pay respect and homage to my father’s honor and legacy. It’s really gratifying and really heartwarming to see that they have that much love and respect for him.

-Prince Michael

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He even made sure to give a special shoutout to how the group can adapt these older trends for the modern age.

And also, it’s super cool to see that my father was a trendsetter and that you can see that how they’re kinda continuing those trends but also adapting them to the modern era and then doing it their own way. It’s really cool just to continue that creative flow.

-Prince Michael

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Before they moved on from the topic, McEwan couldn’t help but add in that “…it’s really cool, especially when the dudes are so dang talented,” which Prince Michael readily agreed with.

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Although BTS will never be able to meet the “King of Pop”, it must feel pretty special to hear his son feel so honored to see them carry on his father’s legacy. What do you think of Prince Michael’s compliments for BTS? Let us know, and to see the whole segment, check out the video below: