BTS’s Predebut Instagram Account Reactivated Just To Disappear Again

This blast from the past is confusing everybody.

“Hi, ARMY! Bye, ARMY!” This pretty much sums up what’s happening with BTS‘s predebut Instagram account.

Most fans are familiar with BTS’s current Instagram, bts.bighitofficial, which boasts 27 million followers.

This account posts carefully selected official content that’s arranged in a professional, aesthetically pleasing way.

BTS’s predebut account, on the other hand, was very casual. It shared snapshots of the members, most notably RM (then Rap Monster).

After years of inactivity, bangtan suddenly reactivated on July 12, sending ARMY into a panic! Fans who didn’t already have accounts rushed to create them, only for the account to deactivate again less than 12 hours later.

Approximately 900,000 ARMYs followed bangtan before it vanished.

Now, fans are ready to throw hands, wondering what the heck is going on, and what BTS is planning behind the scenes.

BTS’s predebut Instagram isn’t the only social media mystery that has everyone on edge. Recently, after two years of inactivity, the famous Flower Smeraldo blog reset then came back again to tease a “reopening” in August.

The BTS Smeraldo Blog Has Fans Screaming, “Here We Go Again!”