BTS Has Not Been Asked To Perform At Presidential-Elect Yoon Seok Yeol’s Inauguration, According To Presidential Transition Committee

They are still discussing the details of the inauguration.

South Korean media previously reported that BTS had been approached to perform at the inauguration ceremony for South Korea’s next president, Yoon Seok Yeol, but the presidential transition committee has said that BTS has not been asked to perform at the ceremony.

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Park Joo Seon, the man in charge of the presidential transition committee, appeared on KBS Radio‘s Joo Jin Woo Live on April 5, 2022. During the radio show, Park Joo Seon stated that they are “discussing the possibility” of having BTS perform during the inauguration ceremony for Yoon Seok Yeol.

President-Elect Yoon Seok Yeol | Chosun

On April 6, the public relations office of the transition committee stated, “We have made no proposal or contact with BTS’ agency in relation to the inaugural ceremony.” The public relations office said the inaugural ceremony committee did “review presenting a BTS invitation show during discussions,” but the matter was never confirmed.

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The public relations office further stated that they are still discussing the details of the inauguration ceremony, and they will announce their plans once they are confirmed.

Source: Korea Herald