BTS Changes Their Press Conference To Online Due To Increasing Coronavirus Outbreak In Korea

BigHit put safety as the top priority.

BTS was scheduled to hold a press conference for their recently release album, “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7” in Seoul today. The meeting was supposed to be held at Coex in Gangnam, but BigHit ultimately decided that they will be changing the event to an online live broadcast.

The decision was a response to the recent outbreak of the coronavirus in Korea. Korea has now become the 2nd country with the most cases, as the Central Defense Countermeasures Headquarters announced today that 169 new cases of CODIV-19 have occurred, increasing the number of Korean patients to 602. 6 deaths related to the virus has been reported so far in Korea.

With the danger of spreading the virus to greatly increase in a massive event, such as BTS’s press conference, BigHit decided it would be best to change their venue from offline to online. The press conference will be broadcast live through YouTube at the same scheduled time.

Read BigHit’s full statement below:

In order to minimize the danger related to the recent outbreak of the new coronavirus (CODIV-19), BigHit decided to hold the ‘BTS Global Press Conference’ originally scheduled to take place today at 1:45pm at Coex in Gangnam will take place through YouTube Live.

We ask all of the media press reporters for their understanding that these measures were taken to protect the health and safety of the attendees.

With the current outbreak of CODIV-19, we need to refrain from having so many people gathering for one event, so we are actively cooperating with the government’s response to the virus.

— BigHit Entertainment

Source: eDaily