BTS Producer PDOGG and BOL4 Producer Vanilla Man Win Daesangs At The 6th KOMCA Awards

2 Daesangs for 2 deserving individuals.

BTS‘s producer PDOGG and BOL4‘s producer Vanilla Man won Daesangs at the 6th KOMCA Awards, which were held yesterday, February 18. The 6th KOMCA Awards were held at the Grand Ballroom in the 63 Convention Center, where the two producers were awarded their Daesang prizes.

PDOGG was awarded the Daesang for both Songwriting and Composing due to his work on BTS’s album MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA, where he helped produce 4 of the 7 songs on the album: “Intro: Persona”, “Boy with Luv”, “Home”, and “Dinoysus”. PDOGG won the award for the 2nd consecutive year.

Vanilla Man was awarded the Daesang in Arrangement due to his work with BOL4 and Vanilla Acoustic. Vanilla Man won the award for the 3rd consecutive year.

A new category that was established this year was the Song of the Year category, where Paul Kim was awarded the prize for his 2018 OST “Every day, Every moment”. Even though the song was released in March 2018, it ranked #3 in all of 2018, and #6 in all of 2019, showing its lasting popularity with Koreans.


Source: Sports Seoul