Here’s How BTS Showed The Utmost Professionalism During Recent Award Ceremonies

They showed that they deserved to be in their current position.

BTS recently won the Best Concert award at the 6th Edaily Culture Awards and while the large number of staff that accompanied them was not surprising, the number of suitcases they were carrying was.

Their final global tour schedule for the month was already held on February 17th in Fukuoka, Japan so it wasn’t that they were traveling again. In fact, the suitcases were filled with outfits and accessories necessary for their attendance at the 2019 Global Vlive Top 10 and 16th Korean Music Awards, which were held on the same day.


Despite BTS’ tight schedule, not only did they attend all three ceremonies, but they had made the effort to show fans a different appearance look as well. The members wore black suits for all the award ceremonies but when looked upon closely, their neckties, shirts and vests were clearly different.


BTS has won numerous awards in 2018 and 2019, but they didn’t repeat same award speech once. Moreover, each speech was created to suit the content of each ceremony. At the culture award ceremony, BTS cited the Korean nationalist politician, Baekbom Kim Gu, which showed their full understanding of the purpose of the award ceremony.


The global K-Pop stars have proven once again not only their great efforts but their professionalism.

Source: Starin


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