Fans Have Mixed Feelings About BTS’s Anthology Album “Proof,” But Unwavering Support For BTS

“I wish there were more than three new tracks.”

On June 10, BTS will release Proof, an anthology album that showcases their music from 2013 until now. Although fans are excited for Proof, many have admitted that it isn’t what they were expecting.

BTS’s “Proof” albums. | BIGHIT MUSIC

Two years ago, BTS released two albums: BE, an ode to pandemic times, and MAP OF THE SOUL : 7, a dazzling studio album with 20 tracks. Between 2020 and 2022, BTS released several hit singles, including “Dynamite” and “Butter,” and fans have been patiently awaiting the next studio album.

“MAP OF THE SOUL : 7” tracklist. | BIGHIT MUSIC

On April 16, at BTS’s final PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LAS VEGAS show, BTS dropped the first teaser for Proof. Given how much time has passed between BE and now, many fans assumed that Proof would have all new songs.

In reality, according to BigHit MusicProof will have three CDs of past songs that, “reflect the thoughts and ideas of the members on the past, present, and future of BTS,” and three new releases.

“Proof” Standard Edition. | BIGHIT MUSIC via Weverse

Some fans were, understandably, a little disappointed when they read the news.

As others have pointed out, however, an anthology album is the perfect way to wrap up the past and move on to the “new era” BTS has been teasing for some time. Proof will honor BTS’s incredible legacy and serve as a time capsule for ARMY.

Proof is also a great way to introduce “locals” (the general public) and new fans to BTS’s older music.

Although BTS has released compilation albums in the past, Proof is their first anthology. Anthology albums go beyond “greatest hits” collections, often including unreleased remixes, demos, live performances, and much more. In other words, there is plenty to look forward to, and Proof might have a surprise or two up its metaphorical sleeve.

“Proof” Standard Edition. | BIGHIT MUSIC via Weverse

Will these unreleased tracks be on Proof? Fingers crossed!

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