BTS Surprises ARMY With 5 New “PROOF” Songs…But There’s A Catch

Wait a minute…

Welcome back to the circus, ARMY. BTS has made clowns out of all of us again!


On June 10, BTS will release PROOF, a 3-disc anthology album that includes dozens of past hit songs and remastered demos. When PROOF was first announced, fans were told to expect three new songs. At the time some ARMYs expressed mixed feelings about the news, but others suspected that BTS had a surprise planned.


It turns out, they were right! In addition to “Yet to Come,” “Run BTS,” and “For Youth” there are two surprise tracks on CD3 of PROOF. One is Track 02, which literally translates to “Ambiguous Relationship.” The other is Track 04, “Quotation Marks.”


There is, however, a slight catch. While “For Youth,” “Yet to Come,” and “Run BTS” will all be available on digital platforms, CD3’s surprise tracks will only be available on the physical album. Unfortunately, that means ARMY won’t be able to stream “Ambiguous Relationship” and “Quotation Marks.” The same is true for BTS’s CD3 demos.

Why are some of PROOF‘s songs CD-only? BTS has not yet given an explanation, but fans have theories.

Learn more about PROOF here:

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