BTS Drops 50+ Behind-The-Scenes Selfies, Polaroids, And More From “PROOF” Era

Check out these never-before-seen moments!

During their PROOF era music show promotions, the BTS members took a ton of memorable and iconic photos of precious behind-the-scenes moments that even ARMY didn’t get to see…until now! Check out all of the stunning pics below.

1. “For Youth” Selfies

On the last day of promotions, the members went for a cute look in pastel blue for their Inkigayo stage.

2. Suited Up

While performing “For Youth” at Music Bank, the boys looked cohesive in both plaid and classic suits.

3. Classically Handsome

Taking these photos at their first music show performance for PROOF era, the best selfies are “Yet to Come!”

4. Polaroids from Inkigayo

If you love BTS in all-black looks with heavy jewelry and lots of metal, this concept is for you!

5. Ethereal White Suits

While performing at Music Bank, the members appeared like angels on stage in white from head to toe.

6. Suit-tan Sonyeondan

They showed off their mature sides in the timeless look.

7. “Yet to Come” Polaroids

The show that started it all!

8. Beautiful in blue

Their visuals shine…even through a polaroid camera’s lens!

Source: Naver Post