BTS Radio Interviewer Syke Criticized For “Immature” Replies To ARMY

Fans are not happy about his latest interactions with the fandom.

Radio host Syke (@SykeOnAir) is receiving criticism regarding his recent Twitter interactions with BTS‘s ARMY.

On February 21, BTS guested on US television and radio shows to promote the release of their new album, Map of the Soul: 7. One of these shows, Syke & MJ in the Morning, teased their not-yet-released interview on Twitter.

In response, one fan wrote, “it better not be a collab question”. In American interviews, BTS are frequently asked about artists, typically western artists, that they would like to work with. Syke addressed this comment and others in a way that fans feel is unprofessional and even “immature”.

This particular comment has turned many fans off Syke’s interview. “It must kill you to know you’ll never meet BTS,” he said while warning commenters that “violent threats” are not tolerated on social media.

Syke has also received criticism for posting a photo of hair (not BTS’s) as a “joke” that pokes full at obsessed fans.

Some ARMYs urged others to end this negative back and forth with Syke, and apologized on their fandom’s behalf.

Other fans, however, have sided with the ARMY who did not want Sykes to ask BTS about collaborations. After hearing the same question asked so many times, many fans do not want collaborations to be a focal point in BTS’s interviews.

After seeing how Syke tweets, some ARMYs are boycotting the interview and encouraging others to do the same.

Syke previously interviewed BTS in 2019 for Map of the Soul: Persona. 


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