BTS’ Rap Monster to release digital single for the movie “Fantastic Four”

BTSRap Monster excites fans with news of a digital single release for the upcoming superhero movie Fantastic Four.

On August 1st, it was revealed that Rap Monster of BTS would be collaborating with the Hollywood fil, Fantastic Four with a digital single. The single, titled “Fantastic,” will contain fast rhythms and compelling lyrics that were completed with the motif of agony and trauma experienced by the superheroes.

Rap Monster also shared, “The movie is at an overwhelming scale with compelling visuals, so I also made a song that is filled with excitement and tension. I hope for a lot of anticipation.” 

The single “Fantastic” will be revealed through various music sites on August 4th while the movie is set to hit theaters on August 20th in Korea.

Meanwhile, BTS has proved their popularity as they managed to sell out all five fan meetings in Japan. The boys of BTS are also teaming up with the mobile app V, that will allow fans a chance to view live streams done by the group.

Source: Herald POP



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