BTS Reacted to MBTI Memes And Their Answers Were Very Relatable

Their responses were relatable and hilarious!

BTS released a new video on their official YouTube channel today! In the video, the members gather to answer questions to determine if their MBTI type has changed since they last shared their results in 2017.

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Discussions around MBTI personality types seem to be the craze as of late. It’s easy to see why when it can offer a glimpse further into the mind of your favorite idols. After taking the test to reveal their MBTI type, the group reacted to memes to see if the results held up and had some relatable answers.

1. The Empath

The members were asked to relate to a meme about their outlook on life. J-Hope shared that he’s happy when others are happy, further saying that if people around him are down, he feels that energy too.

Jin jokingly stepped in and took advantage of J-Hope‘s caring nature to ask for ₩100,000 KRW (about $78.80 USD).

2. “Life is meaningless”

Answering the same question, Jin asserted that he fell into the “life is meaningless” category to the amusement of his fellow members.

Suga quickly clarified that Jin meant he didn’t take life seriously, to which the eldest member agreed.

3. The Unannounced Guest

V had a relatable response when asked what he would do if his friend brought someone he didn’t know to their plans. The members mostly agreed they would be annoyed, but wouldn’t confront it until later. V said he would hide his discomfort, but would quickly make an exit.

4. The Social Butterfly

On the opposite end of the spectrum was Jungkook. When asked the same question about someone he didn’t know crashing his plans, he responded he didn’t mind adding, “Even better!” He shared that he would get to know the person and leave if he didn’t like them.

5. Introvert vs. Extrovert

With BTS’s crazy schedules, they must take advantage of their downtime to recharge. Introverted people typically recharge by removing themselves from social settings, whereas extroverts can recharge by being more social. When asked who in the group prefers staying in versus going out in their free time, everyone said they prefer to stay in except for one person.

The group’s extroverted leader RM said he prefers to go out, which is no surprise to ARMY. RM is known for his excursions that have lovingly been dubbed “Namjooning.” His response was met with admiration from his fellow members, who said they felt jealous at times seeing his adventures on social media.

6. Phone calls vs. texting

Often in friend groups, there are those who like to text and those who prefer to call. The members had been asked if they could go a whole day without talking, to which Suga responded he could. He exposed a close friend who called him every day while they were in quarantine which he said was an exhausting experience.

The camera panned over to Jimin, who ended up being the culprit.

7. “Surrender and submit?”

In the most unconventional question of the video, the members were asked how they would react to robots taking over humanity. Though there were responses the members could choose from in the meme, V created his own.

Instead of choosing the prepared answer that said, “that would never happen,” V hilariously asked if there could be a “submit and surrender” option.

Check out the fun video below!


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