BTS To Release “Boy With Luv” Contact Lens Exclusively Through Lotte Department Store

Would you want a pair of BTS contact lenses?

Lotte Department Store will be selling BTS’s “Boy with Luv” contact lens exclusively at the Jamsil World Tour from October 3 to October 9.

Lotte is known to have a huge client base with most of them being foreigners. Big Hit Entertainment and lens company MTPR SC have collaborated together to release these contact lenses exclusively for Lotte.

Korean contact lens sales have risen 8.5% within the last 5 years and have also ranked third for most lens exports to China.

These exclusive “Boy with Luv” lenses will be sold in both clear and color lenses.

For every customer that purchases a contact lens, they will be given a BTS poster. For customers that purchase 3 packs or more will receive both the poster and an acrylic painting of one of the members. For those that spend over 500,000 KRW ($417.26 USD) will also receive an acrylic painting of the entire group.

There will also be a lucky draw event for all customers that have made a purchase. The winner of the event will receive an original copy of a member’s pop art painting.

Take a look below to see an unboxing of the BTS lenses!

BTS have also recently become brand ambassadors for a well-known Indonesian shopping platform.

Source: theasian