BTS Coldbrew Adds These 7 New Reasons To Buy Their Coffee

BTS is back with another special edition coffee!

BTS will be collaborating with Coldbrew By Babinski yet again for a special package.



This special package will include a photo of each member for a total of 7 different coffee packaging. This will be exciting for fans as the previous collection were animations instead of real photos.

The photos used for this package will be the concept photos from their album, MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA.

This special edition package will launch on October 14. They also plan to release a Hotbrew by Babinski line after this package.

Starting last year, the brand began exporting the Cold brew line to the U.S., Hong Kong, and other countries.


HY Fresh and BTS have similar qualities in that we both receive lots of love through leading the trends. We are excited to continue working with BTS through other various marketing strategies.

⁠— HY Fresh


Previously, BTS partnered with Cold Brew By Babinski to launch a specially packaged edition that featured the faces of BTS in Art Nouveau design.

Source: dailian