BTS Is Releasing A “7Fates: CHAKHO” OST And The Internet Has Erupted Into Chaos

It’s like Christmas in February!

Naver Webtoon just released the first episode of BTS‘s highly anticipated 7Fates: CHAKHO and ARMYs are absolutely loving it.

| @naver_webtoon/Twitter

According to Naver Webtoon, 7Fates: CHAKHO will have an OST album, and Naver Webtoon will be hosting a giveaway event from January 15th to February 5th. 300 winners will be chosen on February 9th, and will only be available to those in Korea.

| @naver_webtoon/Twitter

<CHAKHO> OST album pack | 300 people

ARMYs are absolutely ecstatic as the last OST album BTS released was for their Netmarble game BTS World that had fan favorites like “Heartbeat” and “Dream Glow”.

ARMYs took to Twitter to share their excitement.

They started reminiscing about 2019 when the BTS World OST released.

ARMYs got to thinking what kinds of collabs could be included.

It’s safe to say ARMYs are ready for new music from the seven members.

Naver Webtoon’s official Twitter page has also released new art posters for each of the characters and they look absolutely gorgeous.

Have you read the first episode of 7Fates: CHAKHO yet? Read below for more details on the webtoon itself.

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