BTS Announces Return Of “BTS In The SOOP” For A Second Season

The wait is soon over!

Our wishes are coming true! BTS will be returning for a second season of BTS In The SOOP.

The show recently celebrated its first anniversary. The travel reality series was a healing and comforting experience for many, and fans have been awaiting news of another season.

ARMYs have been more than just hopeful lately as the official In The SOOP social media account made a post recently and tagged BTS.

Not only that, but Jimin seemed to be hinting at a comeback of sorts during his recent live broadcast. He explained that the group was filming something, but it wouldn’t be released for a couple of months. After this, we couldn’t help but be suspicious that we would be getting a second season of BTS In The SOOP.

Spoilers? The things we are working on now won’t be released soon. At least it will take about 2, 3, and 4 months before the release.

— Jimin


Now, In the SOOP has officially announced a second season for the BTS version! It will be releasing in October of this year, so very soon. We definitely think that this is what Jimin was talking about!

Jimin was not the only one who dropped a hint about the show either. RM recently posted some photos that are likely from the upcoming season.

ARMYs are overjoyed about this announcement, and we can’t wait to see more of the group’s adventures.

Check out the announcement below:

While we wait for the second season, relive some of favorite memories from the first season below:

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