BTS Reveals What The Concept For Their Next Album Is

BTS gave a detailed hint on their possible concept for their upcoming new album!

BTS hinted in a recent interview that the message for their upcoming album may have something to do with “Happiness”.

“We only have a broad idea, so we’re not at the right stage to tell you. We’ve constantly talked about happiness since our tour last year. We talked about what happiness was and what we need to do for it.” — Suga

Suga also gave an insight into what he believed happiness was and what you need to do in order to be happy.

“I think you can’t become happy if you try to be happy, but I also think you need to put in some kind of effort to be happy. You have to study it and experiment with it. Ever since I was young, I wondered what happiness was and what I needed to do to become happy. I don’t think anyone taught me about it before.” — Suga

RM gave a keen insight into the topic by revealing that “Happiness” might not only mean bright energy and positivity. It can hold a deeper meaning.

“I’ve also been hooked on the keyword ‘Happiness’ since until early last year. But I read a column in a Japanese newspaper that said no human will ever be able to achieve their desired happiness. They said it’s ingrained in our DNA that we’ll never be happy. Human beings have achieved goals that they desire, such as industrial revolution and development of science, but when they achieve a goal, they feel lacking in another.” — RM

He found that “Happiness” was unachievable through his own experiences in making world history with BTS.

BTS with their latest win for Seoul Music Awards.

“We thought we’d be happy if we got 1st place but another goal appeared because of it, and I agreed with the newspaper column.” — RM

Which ultimately tied right back into their previous message, “Love Yourself”.

“So instead of finding happiness, we’re trying to find the solution through our theme of ‘Love Yourself’. ‘Love Yourself’ is a phase where you look for ways to love yourself. My dream isn’t to win 1st place on Billboard, but to truly love myself. No matter how many times I try, I can’t get over my faults and sadness. I was lucky enough to meet a concept like “Love Yourself”, so I want to exceed in finding a way to love myself. There are many words that can be associated with the subject, like darkness and solitude.” — RM

The members believe that “Happiness” is such a vague and deep concept that their fans will have a lot to discuss about that topic.

“I think if we throw out that topic, a lot of people will start discussing about it.” — Suga

BTS had previously gotten their A.R.M.Y excited for 2018 after revealing their plans for another year domination, as well as their new collaboration with Steve Aoki on the way. And now, the fans can look forward to their new album that’ll have something to do with “Happiness”!

Source: Yonhap