Steve Aoki Has A NEW Track With BTS…And It’s Coming Out Soon

Steve Aoki revealed that he’s working on new original tracks with BTS!

DJ Steve Aoki sat down with Trending Live! to talk about his upcoming plans with BTS!

Steve Aoki created the renown “Mic Drop Remix” with BTS, which has been making waves all over Hollywood.

He just dropped some juicy information regarding his next plans in collaborating with them, and it’s dropping sooner than you think!

“Now [BTS and I] got some new music coming out for 2018! So we got this remix to put out there, but now we have some more original music as well!” — Steve Aoki

He recalled how he even got in contact with them in the first place.

“I met them in L.A. a while back. We linked up again, and it’s just always about just hanging out and just talking about music, seeing if there’s a connection. And I went to Korea, met up with their production team that produces all their music.

We also linked up on the music side and came back to my studio in L.A. and my studio in Vegas to work on the MIC Drop remix! And that was the start!” — Steve Aoki

After working with them for nearly a year, Steve Aoki and BTS have become more than co-producers but close friends!

When the host asked if he considers BTS his friends, Steve replied, “Yes! Yes, definitely! They’re great guys.

But when he was put on the spot to pick his “favorite” member, Steve couldn’t pick just one.

“They’re all different personalities and they’re all live! You hang out with them in a room and they’re all throwing in their thing! It’s like a party already, you know? They’re all really good guys.” — Steve Aoki

He then went on to discuss how BTS and he made history together, as well as his good hopes for the upcoming tracks. Watch Steve Aoki’s full interview below: