BTS Reveals The 6 Things They Do To Make Jimin Smile

Each BTS member has his own method.

If anybody knows Jimin better than he knows himself, it’s his BTS members.

In an issue of BTS Japan Official Fanclub Magazine, the group answered questions about themselves and each other. Among other things, they revealed what Jungkook‘s weaknesses are, and how they make Jimin smile.

Suga‘s unique brand of slapstick comedy brightens Jimin’s day. Suga said that if he makes weird, comical movements, Jimin smiles a lot.

According to Jin, the key to making Jimin laugh is the atmosphere. Even though the simplest jokes make Jimin smile, the overall mood needs to be right too.

How does Jungkook bring joy to Jimin? By existing! Jungkook said that whenever Jimin looks at him, he smiles.

J-Hope explained that Jimin has favorite actions and expressions that make him happy. If someone does these things for him, Jimin rewards them with an adorable smile.

Like J-Hope, RM‘s actions speak louder than words. He said that an easy way to make Jimin smile is to tickle him. He starts smiling right away!

As for V, he said that Jimin has been smiling at surprising things lately. Why does Jimin find these things so interesting? V has no idea!